Woke Warriors Rage At Elon Musk After He Calls Trans Pronouns “An Esthetic Nightmare”

Elon Musk certainly has a penchant for stirring the pot, if not anything else.

It was just hours ago we noted that the CEO of a $600 billion company was on Twitter tweeting memes about his “huge cock” – and now Musk’s recent comments about Trans pronouns have landed him in hot water with – well, people who care about that sort of thing.

“I absolutely support trans, but all these pronouns are an esthetic nightmare,” Musk said yesterday on Twitter.

The comment comes after Musk tweeted a meme of what appears to be a self-indulgent soldier congratulating himself for putting his pronouns in his Twitter bio. Putting your pronouns in your bio is widely seen as virtue signaling by many who are critical of the dozens of trans pronouns the “woke” mob wants people to memorize.

Musk then tried to defend himself from the woke mob – usually a fruitless exercise – “by posting Tesla’s 100/100 score on the Human Rights Campaign’s LGBTQ corporate equality index,” according to RT:

Naturally, this too was criticized, by none other than the former Human Rights Council press secretary, activist and writer Charlotte Clymer, who scolded Musk and reminded him that points can be deducted for behaviors like offensive tweets from company CEOs.

Photo: RT

But the rest of “woke” Twitter didn’t hold back – and piled on Musk after the Tweet:

But we think the funniest rebuke of Musk’s statements came from the lede over at News18