Why I Am Representing Mike Lindell In Case Against FBI And DOJ [VIDEO]

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According to an affidavit, Mike Lindell was surrounded by the FBI at a fast food restaurant. They detained Mike and took his phone.

Now, Mike Lindell has filed suit against the FBI and DOJ for violating his constitutional rights — and Mike hired top lawyers, including Democrat and Constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz, to represent him.

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A lot of people want to know why a Democrat like Alan Dershowitz is representing a Trump supporter like Mike Lindell.

In a video, Democrat Alan Dershowitz answered that question.

Watch (transcript of highlights below):

Here are highlights from the video:


“We [Dershowitz and Lindell] disagree on whether the election was fair – we may agree on some issues – I’m not crazy about the current situation with machine voting and early voting outside of poll booths…But I am totally in disagreement with him on his political views. He is a Trump supporter. I’m not a Trump supporter. He’s a right-wing Republican – I’m not.

But I’m going to represent him and sue the Justice Department on his behalf – along with a team of very, very good lawyers…But why am I doing this?

Let’s remember the facts.

According to Mike Lindell’s affidavit sworn under oath: The FBI tracked him to a fast food restaurant after he and a friend had gone hunting.

First question: Did they have a warrant to track him? Did they have a GPS in his car? Or did they track him from the sky? The government should not be able to know where I am at every moment in my life…”

Later in the video, Dershowitz says:

I’m going to continue to defend Mike Lindell and others regardless of their political views. But I’m going to especially — especially — focus on people who are having their constitutional rights violated by my political party — by my people who I voted for — by my people whose attitudes on the election I agree with. That’s the special obligation that every citizen has: to hold to account those who are on your side…I pride myself on sticking to my principles…I paid a high price for defending Trump. I will probably pay a high price for defending Lindell.”

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