When Pressed on Why US Has Seen Two Massive Cyberattacks Under Biden, Psaki Tells Peter Doocy to Track Down Russian Hackers and Ask Them (VIDEO)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on Wednesday was pressed on why the US has seen two massive cyberattacks since Biden was installed.

In the last month, ransomware hackers have targeted the Colonial Pipeline and the world’s largest meat supplier.

A few weeks ago ransomware hackers shut down the Colonial Pipeline, creating gas lines and shortages in Southeastern states.

JBS, the world’s largest beef supplier was hit with a ransomware attack on Sunday, threatening US meat supply.

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One-fifth of US beef production was wiped out after JBS paused processing at five of its biggest beef plants which manage a total of 22,500 cattle per day.

The reality is no one fears a Biden Administration.

Joe Biden is a feeble man and the world is laughing at us.

Jen Psaki blamed the private sector for getting hacked and told Fox News reporter Peter Doocy to ‘track down the Russian hackers and have a good chat with them.’

This is how the Biden White House responds to something as serious as one-fifth of the US experiencing gas shortages and one-fifth of US beef production being wiped out.