“We Have a Deal” – Biden Says Bipartisan Deal Reached on Infrastructure Bill (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday announced a bipartisan deal has been reached on the infrastructure bill.

The gargantuan infrastructure package has nothing to do with infrastructure.

“We have a deal,” Biden told reporters at the White House after meeting with members of the “Group of 21” who have been working on the bill.


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Republican Senator Rob Portman (OH) said no new taxes are involved in the infrastructure agreement.

RINO Senator Susan Collins crowed about the ‘bipartisan’ bill.

“We’ve agreed on the price tag, the scope, and how to pay for it,” she said.


The package is roughly $1 trillion and McConnell refuses to say if he supports the bill.

One thing is for sure: When lawmakers in DC reach a ‘bipartisan’ agreement it means the American people are getting screwed.