US Senate Republicans Release Video Announcing “We Stand With Ukraine”

The Republicans in the US Senate released an advertisement showing a small Ukrainian boy talking about his country and how his daddy may even fight.  These Senators show that they are willing to fight for Ukraine but when the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen they hid like cowards.

The Republicans in the US Senate released a video sharing that they stand with Ukraine.  They show a  small boy saying his daddy may fight, then a woman crying.  Then they share some fighting in Ukraine with the Mainstream Media announcing how the people of Ukraine are fighting the evil Russians.  Then Senators Portman, Rubio, Romney and others share their thoughts.

Senator Rounds from South Dakota says, “The American people understand freedom and they understand what it means to defend their country.”

It’s a moving video.

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The US Republican Senators like Romney are happy to stand with George Soros and fight with Ukraine for their freedom.

George Soros Speaks Out: US Must Do “Whatever Possible” to Back Ukraine

But when the US Election is stolen from President Trump, when the current Administration makes every move that helps China and hurts the US, when a corrupt DOJ puts Americans in jail for months without court dates on bogus charges, when the media claims all Trump supporters are violent, these Republican Senators are silent.

Shame on them.  Shame.