UK Expands "Tier 4" Lockdowns As Another "Mutant" COVID Strain Emerges

Some people joked last week when UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock first introduced a shockingly infectious strain of the virus that God (or maybe Beijing?) had released “COVID-19 Pro”. Well, now it looks like the virus has moved on to the “COVID-19 Pro Max”.

According to the latest comments from the health secretary, a variant of the virus recently discovered in South Africa has made its way to England, which policy makers are now using as justification to expand HMG’s heavy handed restrictions by placing more of East and South England under “Level 4” – which is the most restrictive lockdown since the spring.

“Tier 3 is not enough to control the new variant. This is not a hypothesis, this is a fact,” Hancock said. “It is therefore necessary to put more of the East and South East of England into Tier 4”.

Some media outlets initially mistook the two variants, which share a mutation in the same area of their RNA, as the same strain, but scientists who have sequenced its RNA have found that the South Africa strain constitutes a designation all its own. Anecdotally, there have been reports about the strain infecting more young people. The original strain found in the UK is separate.

In response to the news of the latest mutation, the following areas will enter Tier 4: Sussex Oxfordshire Suffolk Norfolk Cambridge Essex Waverley in Surrey Hampshire, including Portsmouth and Southampton.

These new measures will place 40% of the population of England under the new “Tier 4” lockdown designation. The new “Tier Map” has just been released.

Meanwhile, many scientists and MPs have a lot of questions about this new “variant” and some have pointed out that there is no “hard evidence” to link higher case numbers with this particular strain.

In other news, Israel has reported discovered four cases of the “mutated” strain of the virus from the UK, along with other “mutations” of its own.

Is it possible that health authorities are hyping this up to convince Europeans to abide by their draconian lockdown orders during the holidays?