Twitter Subpoenaed in Georgia Lawsuit Involving Fulton County Elections Supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss

Wandrea Shaye Moss was an elections supervisor at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, on election day November 3, 2020.
Shaye is the daughter of Ruby Freeman who was filmed feeding the same stacks of ballots through voting machines late at night at the center — after observes were sent home.

On Thursday plaintiffs Caroline Jeffords and Robbin Sotir subpoenaed Twitter for the production of documentary evidence on elections supervisor Shaye Moss.

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In early June Shaye Moss was subpoenaed for a deposition in a civil trial in Fulton County.

The subpoena was later delayed as Democrats continue to block and delay the investigations in Georgia.
What are they so afraid of?

CONFIRMED: Judge Delays Depositions from Georgia Election Workers Ruby Freeman and Her Daughter Shae Moss