Trump Supporters Swarm Governor's Mansion In Washington State

On Wednesday afternoon, supporters of President Trump breached the gates at the Governor’s Mansion in Olympia, Washington. 

According to local news KING 5, “hundreds of protesters gained access to the property, with flags, signs, and megaphones.” 

KING 5 reporters were on scene and confirmed Gov. Jay Inslee was home as protesters, some armed, were at his doorstep. 

The Daily Beast’s Shauna Sowersby said, “protesters are now standing outside of Gov. Jay Inslee’s mansion on the Capitol campus chanting, “open the gates!” Some are banging their flags on the metal gates.” 

Sowersby captured the moment when protesters broke through the security gate and stormed the grounds of Inslee’s mansion. 

Protesters swarmed the front yard of the mansion.

They were met by police officers in riot gear at the front door of the home. 

Near Inslee’s mansion, a Fox News reporter shoved a Trump supporter. We assume the Trump supporter will be watching One America News Network from now on.

The incident at Inslee’s mansion follows a chaotic afternoon at the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., when hundreds of Trump supporters stormed the building, gaining access to the Senate floor.