Trump CFO Surrenders to Manhattan DA This Morning On Garbage Charges As Obama/Biden Try to Destroy the Trump Organization

You no longer can do your job in America if you work for an entity not ordained by the Obama/Biden gang of crooks.  Trump’s longtime CFO turned himself in this morning after being indicted by the corrupt Manhattan DA who’s working for the Obama/Biden gang.

President Trump’s longtime CFO of his company handed himself in this morning after it was reported yesterday that the man was indicted by the corrupt Manhattan DA:

MSNBC Publishes News Report Tonight Dated “July 1” Reporting New York Has Indicted Trump Organization and CFO

The Daily Mail reports:

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Former President Trump told advisers this week that charges brought by New York prosecutors would only make him stronger and would backfire on Democrats.

The Trump Organization’s chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg surrendered on Thursday morning to the Manhattan district attorney’s office as he faces a tax indictment due to be unsealed later today.

Trump was on a conference call on Monday with advisers when he was told that only Weisselberg, 73, and the Trump Organization would be indicted this week, according to Politico.

The far-left liberals like the communists of the past must destroy those who are threats.  Unfortunately for them, the majority of Americans are their threat and President Trump is only the current leader.