Trump Abandons Plan To Vaccinate White House Workers As Dems Complain

After one Democratic aide described the Trump Administration’s decision to offer vaccines to WH staffers as “one last middle finger” to front line workers, President Trump has rescinded the decision.

President Donald Trump said in a tweet late Sunday night that he would delay the plan for senior White House staff members to receive the vaccine in the coming days, hours after an NYT report on the plan hit the web. The administration is planning to rapidly distribute the vaccine to its staff at a time when the first doses are generally being reserved for high-risk health care workers.

Trump, who tested positive for the coronavirus in October and recovered after being hospitalized, also implied that he would get the vaccine himself at some point in the future, but said he had no immediate plans to do so.

“People working in the White House should receive the vaccine somewhat later in the program, unless specifically necessary,” Trump tweeted, adding that he had asked personally that this change be made.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and his presidential predecessors (including Bill Clinton and George W Bush) are planning to allow themselves being filmed while the vaccine is being administered. We asked last night whether Joe Biden would declare that workers in an eventual Biden White House will need to wait their turn like everybody else.

We’re still waiting for word on that.