Thousands Of Witches Are Casting “Binding Spells” On Donald Trump To Lose The Election

Who knew Trump Derangement Syndrome had made its way all the way to the supernatural realm?

In a move we are not quite sure is going to necessarily translate to the voting booth, thousands of delusional adult “witches” are apparently planning to cast a “binding spell” on Donald Trump heading into the election to try and get him to lose the election.

Heading into Halloween, the witches believed that the two full moons during the month of October would give them “extra magical powers” to exert influence over the election, according to The Sun

The witches had planned on several “binding” events around Halloween to try and usher Joe Biden into the White House. They have mobilized their efforts online, using hashtags like #BindTrump and #MagicResistance. 

The group’s last attempt at using magic spells to remove Trump from office came during last year’s impeachment inquiry, which resulted in precisely nothing but a massive waste of time. 

One witch from a Facebook group called “Bind Trump”, with over 6,100 members, had called for magic to be used against Trump in his last presidential debate, which Trump won handily over Joe Biden.

 “Trump needs to go off the rails again in the third and last debate,” one witch wrote in late October.

 “This will drive the election home-and him out in the landslide our nation and the world so urgently needs.”

Some witches have already claimed victory in placing a spell on Trump, claiming that it was their magic that resulted in the President getting coronavirus. Pam Grossman, a podcaster and author on witches, told The Sun that the “two powerful full moons” in October had given the witches more power. 

I think the symbolism of it starting with a full moon and ending with a full moon also feels really powerful. It’s bookended by these two incredible cosmic moments, and so that feels like a big portal for change and transformation as well,” she concluded.

If you say so, Pam.