“They Give the Left and the People That Have Done Wrong Political Cover”

Unfortunately, all the words of confirmation used in the 2020 Election are like Bill Clinton asking what the definition of “is” is.  Review with like you are talking to Bill Clinton. 

The North Carolina House Freedom Caucus released the following report related to the 2020 Election:

At first glance, the statement might sound reasonable.  But Jovan Pulitzer notes that this isn’t the case.  He asks you to focus on the words highlighted above.  Pulitzer says:

TRENDING: Biden White House to Deploy “Delta Variant” Response Teams Across US to Communities with Low Vaccination Rates

Let’s talk about the political BS in that statement.  And there are two statements, I highlighted them.  But here’s what you should first know.  They basically want to assure you that the machines do not contain modems that are hackable.  Did you notice that they didn’t say the voting the voting machines don’t contain modems?  Did you notice they did not say that that voting machines aren’t connected to the Internet?  Did you notice that they didn’t say that the machines are vulnerable if they’re on the Internet?  See I noticed that right away and what I find incredibly curious is that they created a brand new category of modem, that the machines do not host modems that are hackable. (silence)

Do not host modems that are hackable?  I suppose Marie is right, you don’t need to be hackable if you’re allowing them in.  Um, do not host modems that are hackable. Anybody in technology knows that a modem is a gateway….Almost all modems are hackable.  If you don’t believe me just Google, ‘are modems hackable?’ on Google right now.

(Next an article is presented from NBC stating voting systems are connected to the Internet.)  Next Pulitzer notes everybody knows the modem is the gateway and that all modems are hackable.  Pulitzer then addresses the 2nd part of the sentence which is bizarre and a red flag.  He summarizes the entire memo with this:

They give the left and the people that have done wrong political cover just by issuing a statement like that.