“These AUTHORITARIAN Measures Are NOT Based on Science” – Comedian Rob Schneider Thanks Cole Beasley for Standing Against the NFL’s Vaccine Mandate

The Buffalo Bill’s Cole Beasley is not buying the NFL’s mandates on getting the COVID vaccine.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier today that Beasley said he won’t abide by any special requirements that have been laid out by the NFL for players who choose not to get vaccinated.

“I May Die of COVID, But I’d Rather Die Actually Living” – NFL Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Cole Beasley

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One of the greatest comedians of our time, Rob Schneider thanked Beasley for his fight against these tyrant leftists that are forcing “authoritarian measures” and threatening our freedom.

Dear Cole, Thank you for standing up for your rights and for the rights of others.

It’s your life, your body, your choice.

These authoritarian measures are not based on science but on making people obey for the benefit of the Pharmaceutical cartels that now threaten democracy.

This is Incredible. Rob Schneider is standing up to these psychotic pseudoscientists who want to force everyone to take the jab.

This takes Courage in Hollywood!

Rob Schneider is on Twitter daily sharing the truth about the virus and the jab. Follow Rob and Cole Beasley for their bravery!

We need to support heroes like these two courageous men who stand for freedom. There is hope when people just speak their minds!