“There’s No Amendment That’s Absolute”

Joe Biden on Thursday traveled to New York City to address surging crime and gun violence due to Democrat policies of being soft on crime.

Biden met with New York City Mayor Eric Adams and NY Governor Kathy Hochul at the NYPD headquarters in Manhattan.

Joe Biden immediately attacked law-abiding gun owners and used the debunked claim that the 2nd Amendment banned cannon ownership.

“There’s no Amendment that’s absolute,” Biden said on Thursday, attacking the 2nd Amendment.

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“When the amendment was passed … you couldn’t buy a cannon … and so there’s no reason why you should be able to buy certain assault weapons,” said Biden.


The cannon argument has been repeatedly debunked.

According to historians, there is not one example of a law banning private ownership of cannons.

Joe Biden has made similar remarks in the past.

Last April Joe Biden said of the Second Amendment while he announced executive actions on gun control: “No Amendment is absolute.”

“Nothing I’m about to recommend in any way impinges on the Second Amendment… No amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell ‘fire in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech. From the beginning, you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own,” he said.

“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic and it’s an international embarrassment, “Biden said last year.