The Wolverine State – A Flip-Flopping Fiesta of Fraud?

By Maryam Henein

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“There’s always more to it. This is what history consists of. It is the sum total of the things they aren’t telling us.” ― Don DeLillo

In terms of election irregularities, Michigan has been a fast-moving USPS truck. 

The Constitution & A Red Mirage

Has democracy itself been stolen in 2020?

As we head into week five of the election debacle, we’ve turned a corner to Undeniability Avenue where the preponderance of evidence — in the form of voting system vulnerabilities, good ol’ ballot stuffing, mailed ballots driven across state lines, ballot boxes hidden under tables and counted in secret, statistical anomalies, mathematical impossibilities, testimonies of forgery, and clear election code violations — is unassailable.

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“There’s a whole lot of kabuki going on, but last week was a game-changer,” agrees Dr. Dave Janda, a retired orthopedic surgeon, political commentator, data analyst, and host of Operation Freedom. “This is not a partisan issue. This is an American constitutional issue. This is a what’s right issue.”

Dr. Janda of Operation Freedom and Maryam Henein Discuss the Nitty Gritty of the Elections:

Attaching legitimacy to allegations of election fraud was reached in large part due to Sidney Powell’s two Kraken lawsuits filed in Michigan and Georgia, and legislative hearings held by President Trump’s lawyer, Mayor Rudy Guiliani. The testimonies heard in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan echo voter irregularities and violations found in the lawsuits.

“I find it very hard to dispute there weren’t shenanigans or vulnerabilities that impacted the vote,” says Rick Hanson, a former Oregon state election professional and 30-year registered Democrat. The ‘Democrat for Trump’ has been following the hearings and read both of Sidney’s suits with a neutral mind.

In addition, Matt Braynard, a data strategist who runs the Voter Integrity Project and a former data analyst on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, also presented quantitative data analysis illustrating voter fraud. Following the release of data, the FBI requested he hand over his findings. His findings are also found in the lawsuits.

Braynard worked in conjunction with the non-profit The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, a national constitutional litigation organization. At a national press conference on December 2nd, whistleblowers came forward for the first time with accounts of massive ballot fraud. The Amistad Project also filed litigation in several key swing states including Michigan.

Yet despite the deluge of information, the mainstream media narrative’s stance is that there still is no substantiated incidences of election interference. Over time, they’ve gone from ‘there is no evidence,’ to ‘not enough evidence’ to ‘unproven conspiracies’ to ‘not enough widespread proof.’ Reporters, such as Lester Holt of NBC Nightly News, have failed to once mention that Senate committee hearings unfolded throughout the country. Rather, the presstitutes and parrots continue to parade Joe Biden as president-elect even though this isn’t legally accurate yet.

“The corrupt mainstream media & tech oligarchs are colluding in an attempt to assassinate the American public’s true vote for our President Trump,” said Bobby Piton, a Portfolio Manager and mathematician who testified November 30th at an election integrity hearing in Phoenix, Arizona that the data he reviewed showed clear anomalies. After reviewing data in Arizona, Piton was asked to review half a million records in Pennsylvania in connection to a congressional race. “This election is the biggest fraud in the history of our constitutional Republic.”  Incidentally, Piton’s main account was suspended from Twitter mid-testimony.

“There’s an information war going on,” agrees Kristina Karamo who spoke to reporters after testifying in Michigan that she witnessed democrats processing a spoiled ballot for Biden. “If the people knew 20% of the truth regarding election fraud, they would be up in arms. But I guess if Anderson Cooper didn’t tell you, then it’s not true.”

“My opinion is that the media is desperate to remove Trump and install Joe Biden. They’ve lost control of the narrative,” says the host of RedPill78 and native Michigander. He was one of the first to interview Melissa Carone. “Whatever you read, you may as well anticipate the opposite is true. It’s desperation. I think that after numerous examples and testimony, too much evidence has come to light.”

Seemingly, the left and the right do not care to find a middle ground, and no amount of information will seemingly lead Democrats to say “Hey, these allegations are worth looking into.”

But if state legislators conclude possible fraud and decide to choose electors themselves, Trump can still legally be re-elected. This is something that CNN analyst Fareed Zakaria actually explained earlier this month. This, Zakaria went on to add, would deprive Biden and Trump of reaching 270, and ultimately the election would be decided by the House of Representatives.

To reiterate, if the election goes to the secondary system set up to support the Electoral College, and if neither Trump nor Joe Biden gets 270 or more electoral votes, then the House of Representatives chooses the next president. And President Trump could win a second term.

Constitutional lawyer Ivan Raiklin outlines important dates to look out for and outlines how Trump can win 232 Electoral votes vs Biden’s 227.

“Humpty Dumpty (the system) is broken and needs to be fixed and put back together again,” adds Dr. Janda. The significant statutory violations are more than enough to warrant the legislature to take back its plenary power to determine its own electors.”

To this point, Phillip Kline, director of The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society, and Former Attorney General of Kansas says the December 8th and 14th timeline of selecting electors could easily be moved without harm to country; “especially when one side is not providing the details we need to verify election results and the other side has evidence that is starting to flow.”

Via a press release, Kline went on to add that the December 8 “safe harbor” deadline for appointing presidential Electors does not apply to states where flagrant violations of state election laws affected the outcome of the popular vote. “In fact, the only Constitutionally-set date in the election process is the assumption of office by the President on January 20.”

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