The Truth about DR. Anthony Fauci

DR. Anthony Fauci is Satanic Freemason (Illuminati).

and a self pronounced follower of the Jesuit Order which is a satanic cult that has infiltrated much of the world including more than 2500 U.S. schools. The Jesuit Order has paid billions in lawsuit money to victims for satanic sexual abuse since the 1940s.

Jesuit Satanic Ritual Abuse

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DR. Anthony Fauci gave his infamous speech in at the first Jesuit University in the United States Georgetown University. Dr. Anthony Fauci gave his infamous 2017 speech predicting a pandemic during Donald Trump’s first term President seen below.



‘This New Army of Satan’: The Jesuit Mission and the Formation of Public Opinion in Elizabethan England

Published in 1643, this vivid pen portrait in the guise of a witty Theophrastan character encapsulated a cluster of long-standing assumptions and anxieties about the notorious religious order founded by the former Spanish soldier Ignatius Loyola and officially commissioned in 1540 as the Society of Jesus. It gave graphic expression to a sobering stereotype of diabolical deviance and machiavellian villainy that had crystallized in the English Protestant imagination over the course of the previous century. As elaborated in a vast swathe of polemical sermons, tracts, plays, pamphlets and prints, the Jesuit was a puppet of the Counter Reformation papacy and a tool of the king of Spain, a crafty dissembler constantly dreaming up treasonous schemes to subvert states and assassinate divinely anointed princes and monarchs. ‘Fatall and ominous to all well governed Common wealths’, he was also a loyal servant of Lucifer, a chief instrument in his eternal struggle ‘to uphold his tottering Antichristian kingdome’ and to enlarge ‘his infernall dominion’ of Hell.1 Endowed with almost superhuman powers to seduce the unwary, he was ‘the Spawn of the Old Serpent’, under whose ‘gilded and spangled Skin, there lies a poisonous Sting’.2 Synonymous with hypocrisy and equivocation by the early seventeenth century, the secretive and underhand activities of these ‘Romish locusts’ and ‘pernicious caterpillars’ became a focus for renewed hostility whenever events seriously jeopardized the religious and political stability of Stuart England.

A Jesuit reprobated Is the childe of sin, who being borne for the service of the Divell, cares not what villany he does in the world; he is always in a maze, for his courses are ever out of order, and while his will stands for his wisdome, the best that falls out of him, is a foole; he betraies the trust of the simple, and sucks out the bloud of the innocent; his breath is the fume of blasphemy, and his tongue the firebrand of hell; his desires are the destruction of the vertuous, and his delights are the traps to damnation: he bathes in the bloud of murther, and sups up the broth of iniquity: plots, conspiracies, and all manner of mischiefe, are the chiefest aime of his studies: he frighteth the eies of the godly, and disturbeth the hearts of the religious; he marreth the wits of the wise, and is hatefull to the soules of the gracious. In summe, he is an inhumane creature, a fearfull companion, a monster, and a Divell incarnate; therefore to be quite packed out of this our England, to his owne proper center the whore of Rome. Reference Links:

Below is a recent video of Arturo Sosa also known as the the “Black Pope” the Superior General of the Jesuit Order and Leader of the International Cult that controls the Vatican, Freemasons(Illuminati) and United Nations.


Cardinal Czerny ordains 20 Jesuits from 15 countries as Italy comes out of coronavirus lockdown below: