The Reality Of A Compromised President

Eagle’s Eye Report: The Reality Of A Compromised President (Archived)

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Welcome again to Episode #23 of the Eagle’s Eye Report. This episode is Hosted by myself with Co-Host and Producer Stephen Roberts. The title of today’s special show is … MIDTERMS 2022. The intent of this weekly show is to be a mechanism for communicating the truth and facts in a country increasingly forbidding of these very concepts.

No, as I say weekly, this not a pleasant way to introduce a show … but today reality is blatant and not very pleasant in many aspects. Thus the reason, and intent behind the Eagle’s Eye Report.

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Our mission is to keep you armed with the vital truth, as well as to present you with a platform where you can discuss these vital issues without fear of censorship or exclusion, that being the sponsor of this show …

Now it’s down to business …


NOTE: Just prior to the half hour break (TLBTalk commercial) while discussing a key and highly controversial point, Stephen’s (Producer) computer (and only his computer) went down … no warning, no error messages, nothing. This dead 5 minutes has been removed from the show, but references to it will me made and heard in the show (after the TLBTalk break). This may be a normal occurrence based on prevailing circumstances … but the topic in discussion and the timing of the shutdown makes us think … maybe not !!!


Eagle’s Eye Report: The Reality Of A Compromised President (Archived)

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So what is in-store for America post 2022 midterm elections ???


The Reality Of A Compromised President

Show content written by Federal Inquirer

So, what does it mean if someone is compromised … well in short it means that someone has enough dirt on them to force, via threat of exposure, them to do things they may not agree with, or wish to do. Obviously the dirtier the dirt the more control one can exercise.

Now lets consider how this relates to America, security, and possible treasonous actions being facilitated as you read this. Lets consider the President of The United States of America compromised via several of the most dangerous nations on this planet when it comes to Americas roll and future globally. Lets consider China, Russia, and the most corrupt nation on the planet (or damn close) Ukraine (there are more countries but these are the big three). All three of theses countries power structures having enough dirt on Joe-Bob to place him in a permanent status of a good little puppet.

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First consider the Biden Crime Family’s complicity with the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma. That connection necessitated Joe-Bob messing in Ukrainian politics, actually slinging threats to protect Hunter from investigation and prosecution (and then bragging about it on video). How much more went on in the background … issues we are not aware of but can be used as leverage against a now sitting president?

How much money has been sent to Ukraine since the start of this conflict? How much armament and weapons? Where is all that money and weapons? Why is there virtually zero accountability on this subject? Why is Joe-Bob’s team not on this like stink on crap? Why is Joe-Bob constantly wanting to send more money without the answers to these questions? Why are some global news agencies calling this the biggest money laundering scheme in modern western history?

If you also consider millions of dollars flowing into Biden family coffers from the wife of the seriously corrupt ex-mayor of Moscow. And if that was not a big enough question … Why were the Russian oligarchs who paid Hunter Biden money over the years for political leverage (influence pedaling), mysteriously left off the sanctions list when Joe-Bob started putting sanctions on Russians and Russian oligarchs. And so much more!

Now lets focus on China. The Biden family has been doing business with China for about a decade, including Hunters influence pedaling to a Chinese energy company tied directly to the communist party (actually more than one). And most of this transpired while Joe-Bob was the Vice President … How about calling it what it is … influence pedaling, or just plain selling America out for literally millions upon millions of $$$!

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Why would Joe-Bob get so frantic when Nancy Pelosi decided to go to Taiwan … Plenty of other American statesmen have done this over the years? Why would Joe-Bob cancel all of the protections put in place by then President Trump to guard against the theft of American tech secrets and unfair competition from Chinese firms with direct ties to the CCP? Why would Joe-Bob, after shutting the oil and gas production spigot in the U.S., provide China (our biggest competitor and possible enemy) with oil from our strategic reserve intended for Americans in a crisis, etc…, etc…, etc….

Now and finally … consider what is The Deep State? Basically it is a global and US power elite that has over the years, decades, generations, and century (since the Act of 1871) … bought or blackmailed their way into positions of power or control within the US governments administrative establishment. Over those many years of steadily increasing influence in agencies such as the CIA. DOD, FBI, NSA, NIH, FDA, CDC, Congress and untold more (supposedly) trusted agencies, these entities now feel it is within their power to dictate governance to We the people. The fact is that they have gotten very efficient at it via mechanisms such as the NDAA and the Patriot Act.

But the one item that makes it all work like a charm … make everything fall into place, prevents most if not all blow-back … is a compromised Commander In Chief! A Puppet In Chief that will do anything he is told due to the massive leverage being exercised against him in perpetuity. And this they have !!!

No matter how you look at this … from the laptop the FBI has had for years, to the lies from Joe-Bob about knowing nothing of Hunters foreign business dealings, to the unexplained actions of a sitting president when it comes to foreign adversaries … We all know how this would have been dealt with if it was Donald Trump and his son instead of the Biden’s. So try to tell me that the deep state is not one hundred percent blue, dedicated to Global Governance, and us conservatives or MAGA lovers be damned all to hell.


America is in trouble when you and I can see the corruption and compromise at the very top, but those whose job it is to keep it from happening are covering it up and in fact doing all they can to destroy anyone who works diligently to bring it into daylight! After all the Puppet masters must do all within their immense power to protect their Puppet In Chief, even at the cost of We The People losing faith and trust in our government! Well more is coming out daily whether those in power like it or not … and it may get ugly

Today most consider that Joe-Bob’s major push-back against the tightening noose around Hunters neck is due to the fact that he wishes to protect his son … While this may have a small place in the overall picture, the main focus for keeping the Hunter Biden scandal from going nuclear is the fact that with enough digging and investigation it will certainly reveal the true extent of Joe-Bob’s participation in Hunter’s illegal and possibly seditious dealings. And  this will display the true levels of actual compromise Joe-Bob is under. Then just maybe … after November elections … Impeachment anyone … ??? One can only pray and hope that there are enough real patriotic conservatives left to make this happen !!!


Show partially based on the following article:

Hunter Biden & A Compromised President – This Is About To Get Ugly

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