The Origins of the Long Forgotten ‘Italygate’ Story Are Reportedly Identified – The Solution to the 2020 Election Remains to Forensically Audit the Ballots

The far-left Washington Post reported over the weekend that the 2020 election story that Italy was involved in the election steal is based on lies with origins from a woman they say is a known liar. 

The Washington Post reports:

Late last December, as President Donald Trump pressed senior officials to find proof of election fraud, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows emailed acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen a letter detailing an outlandish theory of how an Italian defense contractor had conspired with U.S. intelligence to rig the 2020 presidential contest.

The letter, which was among records released by Congress this past week, was printed under the letterhead of USAerospace Partners, a little-known Virginia aviation company. In early January, a second Virginia firm, the Institute for Good Governance, and a partner organization released a statement from an Italian attorney who claimed that a hacker had admitted involvement in the supposed conspiracy.

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According to the conspiracy theory known as “Italygate,” people working for the Italian defense contractor, in coordination with senior CIA officials, used military satellites to switch votes from Trump to Joe Biden and swing the result of the election.

Though her name was not mentioned in either document, both Virginia organizations are led by Michele Roosevelt Edwards, according to state corporate filings reviewed by The Washington Post. Edwards is a former Republican congressional candidate who built a reputation as an advocate for the Somali people and as someone who could negotiate with warlords and pirates in the war-torn region.

We should note that although she is not listed as an author of the piece, Ellen Nakashima is listed at the end of the report as contributing to the piece.  Nakashima was also involved in the garbage Russia hacked the DNC story that never was:

Washington Post Writer Nakashima Is Deep State’s ‘Go To Reporter’ When They Want to Dump Garbage Hit Pieces on Conservatives

The WaPo goes on to describe Michelle Roosevelt Edwards:

Edwards was formerly known as Michele Ballarin but changed her name last year, court records show. In 2013, The Post’s magazine explored how Edwards, once a struggling single mom, had reinvented herself as a business executive and then as a well-connected horse-country socialite who cultivated ties with senior Somali officials.

The Institute for Good Governance’s registered headquarters since late last year has been the historical North Wales Farm, a 22-bedroom mansion in Warrenton, Va., state records show. The property is listed for sale at just under $30 million.

The problem is Edwards claimed she owned the mansion and she didn’t and she reportedly has ties to the origins of the ‘Italygate’ story.

The WaPo identifies others who were reportedly in on the tale.  They mention that the word reached President Trump and reportedly some others in the Trump team. The DOJ reportedly looked at the story and labeled it ‘pure insanity’.

The odd piece of this entire tale is that Edwards ran for office some time ago as a Republican.

The story that the 2020 election was interfered on by satellites and Italy lacks credibility.

We still believe that the most beneficial activity Americans can partake in to determine the validity of the results in the 2020 Election is to perform a forensic audit of the ballots in each and every state so we can determine which candidates earned the most valid ballots in the 2020 Election.