The Canadian Swamp Thrives

This morning after reading this

I sent the following to key influencers in Canada.

Stephen Harper, Chairman of the International Democrat Union [IDU], by endorsing Pierre Poilievre, endorses ‘installation’ of the globalist’s totalitarian regime in Canada.

In 1983, ’all’ political parties joined under George H. W. Bush Sr. to form one big global party, the IDU, to advance a new world order through politicians they install world-wide. George Bush and the new world order

The IDU was created by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and George W Bush. Adenauer was the 1st chancellor of Germany after the war and the one who forgave all the Nazis.

G20 Summit 2010 Toronto, Ontario

Stephen Harper speaks eradication of Canadian sovereignty to make way for global governance. 0-2 mins

“I know some people don’t like it. It is a loss of national sovereignty, but it is reality.”
“As I constantly remind Canadians, there isn’t really a Canadian economy anymore. It is a global economy.”

Stephen Harper abuses of power 2006-2015

Brian Peckford Former Premier Newfoundland/Labrador 1979-1989

Mr. Peckford responded to my email with his Blog as follows.

Social management software

The following could be a psychological operation to distract, confuse, frighten people however all the signs point to controlled demolition of the global economic and financial system that will abolish cash, and bring people to their knees so they accept whatever globalists dole out including a social credit system.

The social credit system uses words like trust, trustworthiness, morals, good deeds, etc. so people are conned; consent to self bondage.


New software is expected to come online after a “financial reset” and economic collapse. The software, called CSRQ-SM, contains various class categories for the world’s population that greatly restrict freedom, capital and private property, as well as enforce fines and vaccinations.

Class C = Common
Class S = Sovereign [celebrities, government, media, rich and forceful]. Exempt from the jab. Exempt from carbon score. No ceiling on total net worth nor bank accounts.
Class R = Restricted
Class Q = Quarantine

Fact or fiction?

We cannot allow the USDR switch to flip

Allegedly, the sovereigns are moving cash, crypto, and bonds into this new digital currency however the average person will not get the same chance.

The plan is to give the average person a basic income tied to their social credit score that can be turned off anytime they oppose, disobey state dictates.

The GREAT con hidden in consent