Tech Adviser Primed For “Major Role” In Biden Admin Recently Authored Book Denouncing Section 230

The frontrunner to be Joe Biden’s technology adviser is seen as someone who would likely pave the way to more technology regulation. And among that regulation could be a roll back of the coveted Section 230, which big tech companies have been hiding behind while selectively censoring their users in the name of wokeness. 

As of now, the President-elect’s top technology adviser, Bruce Reed, could wind up playing a key role for the Biden administration in dealing with how big tech companies are regulated. Reed is expected to “take a major role” in Biden’s administration, according to a Reuters report.

He had formerly helped negotiate with tech companies over the 2018 California Consumer Privacy Act, which is being seen as a potential precursor for a national privacy law. 

Even more interesting, however, is the fact that Reed also helped write a chapter in a book a month ago that denounces Section 230, which makes it impossible to sue internet companies over the content of user postings. 

He wrote: “If they sell ads that run alongside harmful content, they should be considered complicit in the harm. If their algorithms promote harmful content, they should be held accountable for helping redress the harm. In the long run, the only real way to moderate content is to moderate the business model.”

Reed’s resume includes working as Biden’s Chief of Staff from 2011 to 2013 while he was Vice President. He also served “as president of the Broad Foundation, a major Los Angeles philanthropic organization, and then as an adviser to Laurene Powell Jobs’ Emerson Collective in Palo Alto, California,” according to Reuters. 

He also helped smooth the waters with tech companies during the California privacy campaign. Tech companies had initially been resistant to the change until Reed was able to compromise with Apple on the bill’s language. Other companies then fell in line. 

Alastair Mactaggart, the real estate developer who masterminded the ballot initiative, said: “He understands that there needs to be good regulation. He wants to get something done. He wasn’t an ideologue who would take his toys and go home if it wasn’t perfect.”

We have a feeling the battle over Section 230 could wind up necessitating slightly more negotiation. We hope Reed is up to the task…