Taylor Hudak Interview – The Political Persecution Of Julian Assange & The War On Journalism

The Last American Vagabond

Joining Ryan Cristián today is activist and journalist Taylor Hudak, here to discuss a story that has been all but ignored by the very people screaming the loudest about the “attacks on journalists” – the MSM – and that is the story of Julian Assange and his unjust arrest and subsequent political persecution.

As Ryan states in the interview, one glaring fact that is regularly ignored, is the fact that the US government has gone after and arrested everyone involved with EXPOSING these US government war crimes – otherwise known as a whistleblower which is supposed to afford certain protections – and no one disputes that these were indeed war crimes, yet the US government has not even attempted to go after ANYONE involved with committing what are now publicly acknowledged war crimes. No accountability for those killed, only abuse of power to cover it all up.

This was never about security, or American interests; this was always about covering up the crimes of a rogue government. (Recorded on 12/28/20)


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Source: The Last American Vagabond

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