Taliban Taunt Joe Biden with Mock US Funeral in Streets of Kabul (VIDEO)

The Taliban taunted Joe Biden on Wednesday with a mock US funeral in Kabul complete with flag-draped coffins.

Just wait until September 11th! That will be some parade and celebration.

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The Daily Caller reported:

Taliban supporters held mock funerals Tuesday in the city of Khost, holding up coffins draped with American, NATO, and several European countries’ flags as they celebrated the end of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.

Videos of the event were shared across social media, showing Taliban supporters holding up guns and Taliban flags as the coffins were marched through the crowd. Many people recorded the event on their phones.

“Aug. 31 is our formal Freedom Day. On this day, American occupying forces and NATO forces fled the country,” Taliban member Qari Saeed Khosti told Afghan media outlet Zhman TV during the funeral, according to Reuters.