Taliban Supporters in Herat Hold Massive Parade, Fly Helicopters Celebrating Defeat of America

Taliban extremists fly a Mi-17 Helicopter left behind by Joe Biden after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Pentagon on Monday announced “War Is Over” in Afghanistan.
The final US planes have left the country in defeat.

The Biden Administration left the country in the hands of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, ISIS-K and the Al-Qanni terrorists.

General Kenneth McKenzie, Jr. made the announcement on Monday afternoon.
The final US flights took off from the Kabul Airport earlier today.

Following the departure of the last US soldiers in Afghanistan the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists celebrated in the streets.

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And in Herat, Afghanistan, hundreds of Taliban supporters marched in the streets in celebration of their Islamist victory over America. Mi-17 helicopters flew overhead during the celebration.

Via NatSecJeff.