Biden Moves to Wreck U.S. Oil Industry

New EPA methane-emission regulations will strangle domestic oil production, enrich our adversaries, and damage the global environment. The post Biden Moves to Wreck U.S. Oil Industry appeared first on Federal Inquirer – Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines.

More on the Biden Train Wreck in Europe – Claims Russia Was in Libya not Syria Multiple Times

It was an awful day for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.  It was so bad that now the Democrats might come out and admit they stole the election and hand back to President Trump what is rightfully his. We’ve provided numerous instances of Joe Biden’s fumbles on the world stage today, but this was…

Mercedes Plant Employee Goes Berzerk, Uses Nearby Bulldozer To Wreck 50 Brand New Vans

Everyone is dealing with the stresses of Covid differently. Some may be adapting to working from home using Zoom. Others may be dealing with layoffs by filing for unemployment. Some people may even be seeking therapy to help with the major life changes brought on by the pandemic. But one 38 year old ex-Mercedes-Benz employee…