St. Paul Rent-Control Initiative Backfires, Unleashes ‘Chaos’ in Housing Market

A ballot initiative that caps rent hikes at 3 percent is already killing new development. The post St. Paul Rent-Control Initiative Backfires, Unleashes ‘Chaos’ in Housing Market appeared first on Federal Inquirer – Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines.

President Trump: Unleashes On Maricopa County’s Board of Supervisors

President Donald J. Trump released another statement yesterday, ripping the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for their refusal to comply with the 2020 election investigation. President Trump said: Why won’t the RINO Maricopa County Board of Supervisors in Arizona give the routers? What are they trying to hide? They are fighting for life or death….

Fry Before You Fly: AT&T Unleashes 5G at Tampa Airport

By B.N. Frank In 2019 naval pilots voiced their concerns about high levels of electromagnetic radiation in cockpits making them vulnerable to cancer and early death.  In 2020, American senators introduced a bill to study this possibility and the U.S. Military asked that research be done to determine if exposure is disorienting pilots enough to…

Austrian Central Bank Unleashes Pro-Cash Attack On ECB's Digial Euro Agenda

The ECB’s “war on cash” has been raging for years. It began most directly in 2016 when The ECB made its decision to end production of €500 banknote. As we said at the time, not a bad way to launch a global ban on paper currency ahead of a global NIRP regime, and all, of…

De Blasio Unleashes “COVID Checkpoints” To Catch & Fine NYC Travelers Who Violate Holiday Quarantine

By Tyler Durden As millions of Americans defy the CDC’s warning not to travel for the holiday season, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has once again dispatched police to key traffic chokepoints where his quarantine rules will be strictly enforced. New York City Sheriff Joseph Fucito said the sheriff’s office (a separate entity from the…