Pompeo Blasts Biden Administration for Allowing ‘Butcher of Tehran’ to Attend U.N. Meeting

President Ebrahim Raisi served on Iran’s ‘death committee,’ which killed thousands of civilians in the early years of the Islamic Republic.

Biden Is Working to Undermine America’s Authority at the U.N.

The Biden position reflects the victory of fashionable opinion over careful thinking about U.S. interests.

Iran’s Raisi ahead of U.N. Meeting: Mass Execution of Political Prisoners a ‘Proportionate’ Punishment

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi defended his involvement in the mass execution of political prisoners.

Team Biden’s Mysterious U.N. ‘Reform’ Push

Ostensibly, the changes would be intended to sideline malign actors such as Russia and China.

Lavrov Gets Visa for U.N. Meeting, but the U.S. Snubs Other Russian Officials

The Russian foreign ministry is reportedly ‘taking certain steps’ in response.

China Likely Guilty of ‘Crimes against Humanity,’ U.N. Says

A spokesman for China’s foreign ministry called the report a ‘farce orchestrated by the United States and a small number of Western powers.’

Zelensky Slams Russia’s ‘Nuclear Blackmail,’ Pleads for U.N. Action on Forced Deportations

Russia’s tactics involving Ukraine’s nuclear plant are a ‘deliberate and cynical terror,’ Zelensky told the U.N. secretary-general.

Russia Makes Full-Court Press to Get Lavrov a Visa for U.N. Meeting

Following the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. and dozens of other countries closed their airspace to Russian aircraft.

U.N. Sounds Alarm over ‘Suicidal’ Russian Attack on Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant

Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of shelling the plant, with Zelensky calling the attack ‘Russian nuclear terror.’