L.A. County Is Running "Dangerously" Low On Oxygen To Treat COVID-19

Hospitals in L.A. Country are starting to run “dangerously low on oxygen” and other supplies used for treating those with Covid, despite a seven day trend of new cases looking like it may have finally peaked.  In addition to running out of supplies, patients are waiting as long as 8 hours in ambulances before being…

How to Treat Patients Suffering from “Microwave Sickness” and Electrosensitivity (Free Webinar)

By B.N. Frank Last year, the World Health Organization warned that exposure to high levels of Electromagnetic Fields (aka “Electrosmog”) could cause health issues in a significant percentage of the population. Electrosmog sources include anything emitting wireless radiation – activity trackers, Apple Airpods, cell phones, cell towers, utility “Smart” Meters, WiFi routers, and much more….