Censored by Facebook and Twitter? New Bill Allows Users to Sue Big Tech for Being Silenced

By Matt Agorist Everyone reading this article right now has likely experienced or knows someone who has experienced some form of social media censorship. Whether your entirely peaceful post was “removed for violating community guidelines” or you were unceremoniously silenced for life, Facebook and Twitter censorship affects millions. No matter what degree of big tech…

New Laws Grants “Protected Class” Status to Cops, Allows Them to Sue People for Harassment

By Matt Agorist As if blue privilege in the form of qualified immunity, special treatment under the law, ability to break laws they enforce, get out of jail free cards, “blue lives matter” laws, and every other perk that comes from wearing a badge, wasn’t enough, cops in Georgia have granted themselves yet another benefit….

Georgia Becomes The First State To Allow Police To Sue People For Harassment

By MassPrivateI Police across the country are so upset by public harassment that one state will allow cops to sue people who they perceive as harassing them. CBS46 described Georgia’s new ‘police protection law‘ as giving police more rights. The start of the new year means new laws take effect including one that aims to give officers…