“I Made the Decision. The Buck Stops with Me!”

“I Made the Decision. The Buck Stops with Me!” – Joe Biden Admits It Was HIS DISASTROUS DECISION to Delay Evacuation of Kabul (VIDEO) Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen.

St. Louis: Street Mob Stops Police Car — Twerks in the Street — Dance on Its Roof (VIDEO)

It’s going to be a long hot summer in St. Louis.The police are under constant attack by city leaders and the homicide rate is the highest in 50 years. And now this… Advertisement – story continues below They’re stopping police cars and twerking in the street and dancing on its roof. This was on Washington…

Watch As Good Cop Jumps In, Stops Bad Cop from Attacking Innocent Handcuffed Man

By Matt Agorist Panama City, FL — As TFTP has frequently pointed out, if you have a single bad cop in a department who continuously violates people’s rights, and 50 cops who watch him do it and say nothing, then you have 51 bad cops. Silence when witnessing corruption among your own ranks is the…