Lavrov Gets Visa for U.N. Meeting, but the U.S. Snubs Other Russian Officials

The Russian foreign ministry is reportedly ‘taking certain steps’ in response.

Biden Snubs Reporters AGAIN After US Media Blocked From Putin Meeting (VIDEO)

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Joe Biden on Wednesday in Switzerland. Biden looked lost and had to rely on his notecards to get him through the meeting that was supposed to last 4 to 5 hours. US hack reporters were shoved and pushed out of the room for the meeting as chaos broke out….

Biden Snubs Erdogan, Refuses To Answer Phone Call In Rare NATO Cold Shoulder

A week out from Joe Biden entering the White House, few countries are on edge more than Turkey. Despite US-Turkey relations generally deteriorating over the past years, especially over the Russian S-400 issue and blocked F-35 sales, it was widely perceived that Erdogan and Trump had a ‘special relationship’ which never allowed things to get…