The WEF’s Blueprint For Planetary Slavery • This is a technocratic eugenics and control program • Do NOT comply The sociopaths at the WEF are telegraphing their crimes against humanity global digital ID scheme in plain sight; to wit: This is the social credit score blueprint that will be run by A.I. All facets of life for anyone complying with this smart phone to “vaccine” nanotech I.D. implants will become total digital slavery….

Republican Party Founded to Oppose Democrats’ Slavery Expansion Plan

Abraham Lincoln in 1865 (Alexander Gardner via Library of Congress) This day in 1854, what became the Republican Party was founded in Ripon, Wisconsin. The process that led from the collapse of the Whig Party between 1850-54 and the rise of the Republicans as their replacement between 1854-60 was a complicated one, and there were…

Boston’s Democrat Mayor Compares NYC’s Covid Vaccine Mandate to Slavery, Jim Crow Era

Kim Janey Boston Mayor Kim Janey (D) blasted NYC Mayor de Blasio’s fascist vaccine mandate and compared it to slavery and the Jim Crow era. New York City is mandating proof of vaccination for people to enter certain indoor businesses. The businesses being targeted will include restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms. Psaki said the Biden…

Joe Biden Says Slavery Continues to Take a Toll on the US After Signing Law Making Juneteenth a Federal Holiday (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday signed a law making Juneteenth a federal holiday. No one knew what Juneteenth was until recently. Barack Obama never tweeted about Juneteenth and he never gave a speech about the event. But the Democrats are using a day to commemorate the emancipation of slaves to flog Americans and argue for reparations….

The Anti Slavery Mural is Back, Hopefully Forever.

Hip Hop legend Ice Cube came under fire last week for posting an anti- racist image on Twitter in support of Black Lives Matter.  The image was widely panned as ‘anti-Semitic’ by those who work hard to conceal images of slavery, oppression and abuse as soon as they gather that a member of their ethnic…