Semiconductor Bill Leaves U.S. at Disadvantage against China

The Schumer-advanced version lends itself to fashionable left-wing causes, without doing much to counter the CCP.

Toyota Halts Production In China Due To Global Semiconductor Shortage

An ongoing global chip shortage has finally started to wreak havoc with the auto industry, which has become far more reliant on semiconductors due to “smart cars”, than it ever has been. On Tuesday, it was reported that Toyota has stopped its factory lines in Guangzhou, China as a result of lack of semiconductors. This comes…

Global Semiconductor Shortage Sparks Fear Of Production Delays For Smart Devices 

Reuters reports a global chip shortage is developing. Manufactures of automobiles and electronic devices are “sounding the alarm” about the shortages, which has triggered production delays.  Industry insiders say the shortage has a couple of causes, including US sanctions on Huawei Technologies, plant fire in Japan, supply chain disruptions in Southeast Asia following coronavirus lockdowns,…