BoJo Deploys Military To Help Secure UK Schools Against COVID As Cases Surge

Boris Johnson is bringing in the troops to help prepare British students to return to schools across the country after the winter holiday is over, even as his government continues to jack up new “Level 4” restrictions due to surging case numbers allegedly caused by a COVID strain that had mutated to become more infectious….

Navigating Narratives – The Biggest Heist or The Most Secure Election In Political History?

By Maryam Henein Editor’s Note: Activist Post does not endorse any candidate for president or any other political office. This article is presented for informational purposes only and all opinions are the author’s alone. Summary: Bleeding ballots, votes from dead people, strange computer glitches, mob bosses named ‘Skinny Joe’ purportedly manufacturing ballots, and other incidents…

More than 600,000 lose jobs as UK faces ‘biggest employment crisis in at least 25 years’ (Oh, no, MUCH worse than that and planned from the start to secure mass dependency – CONTROL)

More than 600,000 people fell off payrolls between March and May as experts warned that the UK is on course for its biggest jobs crisis in at least a quarter of a century. Universal credit and jobseeker’s allowance claims jumped 23.3 per cent between April and May to 2.8 million, the latest official figures show….