Americans Shift Food Shopping To DOLLAR STORES As Their Last Desperate Strategy Before Mass Famine… And REVOLT

Sun Tzu would be proud.  /  Mike Adams (Natural News) All by design, America is plunging into destitution, bankruptcy and mass famine. Along the path to that outcome, the American people are rapidly shifting grocery purchases away from conventional grocery stores to discount “dollar” stores, where heavily processed shelf-stable and frozen food items can…

Dutch Farmers Revolt against Crippling Green Policies

Regulations to control emissions threaten their livelihoods.

REVOLT! Jenna Ellis Is Leaving Republican Party

REVOLT! Jenna Ellis Is Leaving Republican Party – Tells Viewers, “I’m Too Ashamed to Be Part of a Party with Ronna McDaniel as Chairwoman” (Video) #RonnaMustGo Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen.

Cyberjunk 2077: Gaming Studio Stock Crashes, Employees Revolt After Sony Pulls Game Over Botched Release

Shares in once-legendary Polish gaming studio CD Projekt Red plummeted further on Friday after Sony removed the long-awaited, and botched, Cyberpunk 2077 from the Playstation store. What’s more, the company is facing an internal revolt as employees are fuming over the studio’s decision to push the glitch-plagued game out long before it was ready. On…

Beverly Hills and Louisville Revolt Against Dining Bans as Lockdown Defiance Spreads Across America

By Jon Miltimore When Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear announced a week before Thanksgiving he was closing all indoor service for restaurants and bars because of rising COVID-19 case numbers, Richard Hayhoe had a simple message for his customers. “Come hungry, come inside,” said Hayhoe, the owner of Beans Cafe and Bakery in Dry Ridge, a…