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A Psyop Brought To You By The CIA’s Mockingbird Media

Mar A Lago FBI Raid Was Start Of New Op Narrative That MAGA, Q, And Ultra-Violent Right Wingers, Are About To Plunge Us Into Civil War: Nothing Needs To “Exist” Anymore Or Be “Real” In The Matrix Celia FarberThe Truth Barrier This is unbelievable. Yet utterly familiar. Spread far and wide please, to try to…

Three Americans Captured by Russian Forces, Held in Prison with ‘No Running Water’

The captured Americans spend their time playing ‘mind games’ and chess made out of trash, according to a statement from family members.

‘Correct Understanding of China’: Another Chinese Diplomat Advocates ‘Reeducation’ of Taiwan

China’s ambassador to Australia also hinted at future military aggression targeting the island nation.

The Government Wants To Silence The Opposition “Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” — President Harry…

Hundreds Of Articles Dismissing ‘conspiracy Theories’ Read Like They Follow A Single Script

Tap News  /  danceaway Craig McKee – Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth May 26, 2022 Now it’s conspiracy — they’ve made that something that should not even be entertained for a minute, that powerful people might get together and have a plan. Doesn’t happen. You’re a kook! You’re a conspiracy buff!” — George Carlin…

Democratic Party Playbook Totally Exposed Cloward and Piven is the Playbook of the Democrat Party. It is the second part of this two-pronged approach: When you don’t have logic or reason on your side, use power. If you don’t have enough power, flood the system to acquire more. Cloward and Piven Flooding the system was the Cloward and Piven strategy to…

The Lying Cathedral: Monkeypox Edition

A reader says that I should be using the NRX term “Cathedral” instead of “Regime” because it “highlights its missionary impulse, absolute certainty, self-righteousness, and eagerness to burn heretics.” Of course. That said, Josh Barro, who is gay and disgusted by the squeamish way that the public health authorities talk about monkeypox, has a good…

China and an ESG ‘Dilemma’

Does the ‘g’ in ESG stand for genocide?

South African Gov’t Seeks Mandated Tests, Shots And Indefinite Detention In The Name Of ‘health’

Truth Unmuted  /  Jesse Smith Patrick Delaney | LifeSite News Amendments proposed to South Africa’s National Health Act Regulations seek to establish sweeping new tyrannical powers over individual liberty and bodily integrity, which may also set a worldwide precedent. South African health minister Dr. Joe Phaahla proposed the controversial new regulations in May, employing a…

What We Can Learn from Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit

It didn’t create problems, but instead exposed what has long been obvious, or should have been, about China’s growing menace.

It was a highly corrupt magistrate, disgraced former Assistant U.S. Attorney and crooked Epstein lawyer who improperly signed the warrant to raid Trump’s property!

Posted by Jeff ChildersCoffee & Covid We also got some insight into which judge signed the search warrant authorizing the raid, and it’s totally uninteresting, everything looks perfectly normal and above-board. Haha, just kidding. You already guessed the whole thing is pretty sus. The warrant’s signer now appears to have been South District of Florida…

NATO Assumes Control Of US Naval Base At Norfolk

US Must Withdraw from NATO and Reclaim the Norfolk Naval Station Royal Navy Rear Adm. Andrew Betton, deputy commander of Joint Force Command Norfolk, (left) and U.S. Vice Adm. Andrew Lewis, commander of the command, cut the ribbon during an Initial Operational Capability ceremony on Thursday. Photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Theodore Green/U.S….

Pelosi Says Chinese President Xi Jinping ‘Acting Like a Scared Bully’ after Her Taiwan Trip

China performed live-fire military exercises in the Taiwan Strait after Pelosi’s departure.

Israel Is the Bad Guy in the Eyes of the Media, Once Again

The media routinely view Israel’s conflict with its terrorist neighbors through a lens that finds a moral equivalence between both sides.

Inflation “Reduction” Bill To Unleash TAX TERRORISM Upon The American People  /  Mike Adams (Natural News) Accelerating the total destruction of America — exactly as planned — Democrats gleefully passed the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” that even Bernie Sanders says won’t reduce inflation. Because inflation is the product of an expanded money supply — see to stay informed — this massive government spending bill…

Maritime Insurers See Low Risk of War over Taiwan

Shipping forecasts are a welcome sign for Taiwan’s independence.

Chinese Envoy Doubles Down on Taiwan ‘Reeducation’ Threat, Says Population ‘Intoxicated’

China’s ambassador to France says Beijing will ‘reeducate’ the Taiwanese people, presumably after an invasion, to instill a ‘majority value.’

CORRUPT Tallahassee Mayoral Candidate Kristin Dozier In Bed With Same Democrat Crime Ring As Scott Maddox, Paige Carter-Smith And Andrew Gillum!

Dozier says it’s a non-issue. “This is shameful politics from a desperate politician.” Karl EttersTallahassee Democrat Mayor John Dailey has filed elections complaints against his re-election opponent, Kristin Dozier, claiming she got help from a “dark money campaign” that intended to mislead voters with an attack mailer. Filed with the Florida Elections Commission Wednesday, the complaints target alleged electioneering…

No Trade Is Better Than a Bad Griner Trade

The Biden administration should look for other avenues to first bring home accused spy Paul Whelan and then Brittney Griner.


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