America's Hospitals Prepare To Publish Prices On More Than 300 Medical Procedures For 1st Time

President Trump’s health-care policy ambitions didn’t receive much attention from the mainstream media, but as we head into the new year, some of his market-based reforms are starting to become reality. One of the most important is a directive requiring the nation’s biggest hospital chains to publish the rates they’ve agreed to charge various insurers….

Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook and Twitter Publish 37% Quarterly Increase; Operating Profits Almost Double Last Year’s

By B.N. Frank COVID-19 has been devastating on countless American businesses and workers. However, some companies and their owners seem to be doing better than ever. C’est la vie. From Telecoms: US internet giants make another FAAAT load of cash Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Twitter have all just published their quarterly numbers and, while…