Amazon Driver Arrested After Brutally Beating 67-Year-Old Woman after Pointing Out Her “White Privilege” (VIDEO)

A 21-year-old Amazon driver was arrested after beating a 67-year-old woman during a delivery. Amazon driver Itzel Ramirez delivered more than packages. She pounded the woman in the face after the woman complained about waiting for her package. Advertisement – story continues below Itzel said it was self-defense. The victim called police after the beatdown….

UK Journalist Hounded After Pointing Out That Only Old And Sick Die From COVID

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News, A British journalist has been targeted by an angry online mob after pointing out that only a relatively small amount of healthy people have died from COVID, and suggesting that the complete destruction of our way of life is not an adequate response. Talkradio host Julia Hartley-Brewer used…