The Kremlin’s Very Russian Partial Mobilization

We shouldn’t overlook the human tragedy. These conscripts are dead men walking — mere cannon fodder to protect the Kremlin’s vanity.

What Would a Russian Mobilization Look Like?

It’s not at all clear that Russia can conscript, equip, arm, and deploy an effective mass army late this fall or winter.

“Ethnic Mobilization” and “Anti-White Racism” to Blame as 117 Dead in South Africa

At least 117 people have died in riots and looting in South Africa’s Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces, and  1,478 people have been arrested, The Times reported. While looting continued in some areas, black, white, and Indian militias have largely restored calm to most communities in the Durban area (Gateway Pundit reported) More… TRENDING: Breaking: Arizona…