Russia Buying North Korean Weapons Another Sign in Ukraine’s Favor

Only a weak and ailing regime would enlist the help of North Korea, a state with incredibly unreliable weaponry, in its war effort.

Dallas Man Arrested For Opening Fire In Koreatown Hair Salon And Injuring Three Korean Women ‘Motivated By Hate’

Jeremy Smith Where’s the media outrage? Dallas, Texas – Jeremy Smith, 37, was arrested on Tuesday for walking into a hair salon in Koreatown and opening fire on Korean women before taking off in a minivan last Tuesday. Three Korean women were injured in the shooting and authorities are investigating it as a hate crime….

White British Guy Gets 18 Plastic Surgeries to Become Non-Binary Korean (VIDEO)

A white British man underwent 18 plastic surgeries to look like a member of the K-Pop band “BTS.” A British TikTok “influencer” named Oli London said he spent more than $200,000 to look like his favorite K-Pop musician Jimin. “This is my new official flag for being a non-binary person who identifies as Korean. Thank…

South Korean Duck Farm Suffers Outbreak Of “Highly Pathogenic” H5N8 Bird Flu

As COVID-19 cases slow after reaching a worldwide peak, eliciting a warning from WHO chief Dr. Tedros that people living in hard-hit areas shouldn’t get too complacent, a strain of “highly contagious” Avian bird flu has apparently traveled from Europe to South Korea. A few days after an outbreak of bird flu led to a…