A New World Order Of Total Insanity

Tap News  /  Weaver Other sustainability goals sound like a dream: “No Poverty” for example. Interestingly however, the owners and members of the WEF all have one thing in common: they are astronomically rich, mainly because they have been robbing humanity for decades. They go, for example, into different nations of the world, and steal…

The Covid Insanity Has to End

Trying to strong-arm reluctant people into compliance with increasingly irrational protocols is not working. The post The Covid Insanity Has to End appeared first on Federal Inquirer – Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines.

More Insanity – Yellen Says Inflation About to Surge But It Will Be a Plus for Society?

These people are insane.  They have no idea what they are doing.  They only know how to hurt the common man and help the elites and every country other than America. We heard last week that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen pushed for a minimum global tax rate.   Yahoo reported: Finance leaders from the G7 group…