Intel Released Earnings Early Because Hacker "Stole Financially Sensitive Information" From Its Website

Something unexpected happened at exactly 3:47pm this afternoon: that’s when wire services like Bloomberg reported Intel’s Q4 financial results, some 13 minutes ahead of the scheduled release time. Some speculated that the early release was a fat finger from an overzealous intern who sent the news to Businesswire a few minutes early. Others, such as…

"Very Incriminating": Hacker Archives Every Deleted Parler Post

Following last week’s incursion into the US Capitol building by Trump supporters and the founder of a BLM group, a researcher who goes by the Twitter handle @donk_enby got to work archiving every post from that day made on Parler – a conservative alternative to Twitter where many of the protesters coordinated leading up to…

Hacker Uses Amazon Ring Doorbell to Report Murder and Other Shenanigans That Didn’t Happen

By B.N. Frank Last week Amazon recalled hundreds of thousands of Ring cameras due to fire risk. However, the devices’ vulnerability to creepy hackers and dangerous pranksters are nothing new. From Vice.com Amazon Ring Doorbell Hacked in Florida Swatting Incident The troubles for Ring continue—this time involving an affair, a double homicide, and explosives…sort of….