Has Sussmann Opened The Door To Durham’s Proof About Deep Flaws In Alfa Bank Data?

Formerly an online tech and science reporter at The Sun Online, Ashley stepped up to the mantle of technology reporter at the Daily Telegraph late last year. She writes about everything from drones, web security and cryptocurrency to social media apps, like Facebook and Spotify, and technology brands including Apple and Toshiba.

EXCLUSIVE: Why is Auditor Harry Hursti, Who Uncovered the Fatal Flaws in Diebold Memory Cards in 2005, Hiding These Flaws in the Windham, NH Audit This Week?

Only one of three auditors in Windham, New Hampshire, stuck around and did any work on the third and fourth days of the scheduled four-day onsite audit in Windham this past week.   Computer scientist Dr. Harri Hursti ended up, strangely, being the only team member left in Windham, NH to forensically audit both the town’s…

F-35 Stealth Jet Still Has 871 Flaws Including Some "Potentially Serious Issues"

The Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighter jet has 871 software and hardware flaws that could affect combat operations, according to Bloomberg, citing a report from the Pentagon’s testing office. “The F-35 continues to have many flaws. Many of those flaws have already been discovered during the development and testing phase, which ended with 941 flaws…