Fraudulent Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs Needs To Recuse Herself Of Election Duties

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is running for Governor of Arizona in 2022 and she will be responsible for overseeing and certifying her own election results. Hobbs has acted as the Arizona audit’s biggest opponent, fighting transparency and voter integrity every step of the process. The audit report is still under review and we will…

Denver BLM Leader Accused of Sexually Abusing 62 Children Resumes His Duties on School Board

As previously reported, local Denver school board member, Black Lives Matter protest leader, and anti-gun activist Tay Anderson faced dozens of accusations of sex abuse, rape, harassment, and “inappropriate behavior” from a variety of community members, including 62 high school students and illegal aliens in the DACA program, at least one as young as 14….

Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers Who Take COVID Vaccine Must Wait 48 Hours Before “conducting safety-sensitive aviation duties”

By B.N. Frank There have been numerous reports about COVID vaccine recipients experiencing serious side effects and even death.  Perhaps that’s why Kroger is not requiring employees to be vaccinated. The FAA is also taking precautions by requiring recipients to wait 48 hours before returning to “safety sensitive duties”. From AOPA: FAA approves second COVID-19…