Stocks Surge Off Pre-Open Plunge Lows, Dow Goes Green On Bank Gains

The Dow is up over 800 points from its pre-open lows and has pushed into the green for the day, shrugging off pandemic mutations as Fed Stress Test-enabled buybacks have sent Goldman and JPMorgan soaring, adding around 150 points to the index alone… The Dow is leading the major indices but they are all soaring…

Dow, S&P, & Bitcoin Soar To Record Close As Dollar & Gold Sink

Consumer Confidence tumbled… Source: Bloomberg …COVID cases are soaring, lockdowns are crushing small businesses, and ‘hope’ is fading fast… Source: Bloomberg …so Buy The F**king Record Highs in stocks and dump the dollar, bonds, and gold (because who needs ‘protection’ when there is Yellen, vaccines, and stimulus-y hopes). As we noted earlier, The Dow topped…

Trump Cheers As Dow Hits New Record High

Dow futures pushed notably higher overnight, within a tick or two once again of the 30,000 level… …but the cash Dow just broke to a new record high… And President Trump is watching closely… STOCK MARKET GETTING VERY CLOSE TO 30,000 ON NEW VACCINE NEWS. 95% EFFECTIVE! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 16, 2020