Coming Economic Decline – It Will Be Like An Avalanche That Builds Over Time, Then Breaks And Quickly Escalates As It Flows Down The Mountainside.

by Brandon A common refrain from people who are critical of alternative economists is that we have been predicting crisis for so long that “eventually we will be right.” These are generally people who don’t understand the nature of economic decline – It’s like an avalanche that builds over time, then breaks and quickly escalates…

Macron’s Loss and Le Pen’s Gains Indicate the Decline of the French Mainstream

Giving more power to the far-right party is not the solution to France’s problems.

Chicago’s Decline Accelerates as Boeing Abandons It

Soaring crime, a hostile business climate, and clueless leaders are driving businesses out of the Windy City.

Allow Kids 12-17 To Consent When Parents Decline Vaccine For Them

A nurse fills syringes for patients as they receive their coronavirus booster vaccinations in Southfield, Mich., September 29, 2021. (Emily Elconin/Reuters) There the New England Journal of Medicine goes again, publishing articles that promote an autocratic health-care system. This time, two bioethicists from the National Institutes of Health (!) ask the question, “Adolescents, Parents, and…

Pennsylvania Counties Tioga and Philadelphia Decline Participation in Senate Committee’s Forensic Election Audit

Pennsylvania Counties Tioga and Philadelphia Decline Participation in Senate Committee’s Forensic Election Audit Tap here to add The Western Journal to your home screen.

Federal Officials Warn "Mutant" COVID Strain Spreading In US As Cases Decline: Live Updates

Summary: University of California system to return to in-person classes in the fall Federal officials warn that US COVID deaths top 400K Cases decline across US; NY releases latest data US nears 400K COVID-linked deaths Global cases: 95.7MM UK vaccinates 6% of population Brazil approves US, Chinese vaccines Israel opens vaccinations to people in their…

13,000 NY Nursing Home Residents And Nearly Half Of Staff Decline COVID-19 Vaccine

New York will be reallocating unused COVID-19 vaccines after more than ten thousand nursing home residents and nearly half of staffers declined the jab, according to Gareth Rhodes, a member of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 Response Task Force. Rhodes said that out of 70,000 nursing home residents, 57,000 have been vaccinated, while 13,000 have declined….

Politics Won't Fix The American Decline

Authored by Zachary Yost via The Mises Institute, By any measure, 2020 was not a very good year for human freedom. By now everyone is very familiar with the assaults on liberty stemming from measures ostensibly in the name of stopping the spread of covid and the way in which such measures have threatened the…

Record-Breaking Hurricane Season Results In Biggest Offshore Oil Output Decline In Decade 

On Thursday morning, Tropical Storm Eta made landfall over North Florida and has become the 12th named storm to make landfall out of a record-breaking year of 29 named storms. Eta Making Landfall Over North Florida  An unprecedented amount of tropical systems have swirled around the Atlantic Basin this year, breaking the 2005 record of…

China’s Growing Influence in Central Asia and the Middle East Will Lead to Further US Decline

  China’s increasing presence on the international scene is an undeniable threat to the US-led world order. Critical to China’s emergence as a major power this century, has been its widening influence in the Central Asian states. Central Asia, rich in mineral reserves, is among the earth’s most strategically important regions. Control over Central Asia…