Thanksgiving Dinner Costs Soar In 2020

Authored by Adrian Mak via, With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, Americans around the country are preparing their menus for the traditional holiday. This year, Thanksgiving celebrations may be a bit different given the effects of the coronavirus pandemic leading to smaller family gatherings with fewer people and potentially less holiday travel. Additionally, the…

Tesla’s Supercharger Network In Australia Officially Costs More Than Filling Your Car With Gas

Using the Tesla Supercharger network, it is now costlier to recharge your vehicle than it is to gas up at a traditional gas station, according to a new report from Australia-based WhichCar. The news came as a result of a “recent price increase” to use the Superchargers and – stop us if you’ve heard this…

UK Supreme Court Justice Warns England Underestimates The Costs Of Lockdown At Its Peril

Authored by Jonathan Sumption, op-ed via The Guardian, We need to think hard about whether the benefits outweigh the harm for young people and those struggling with mental health Suppose there is nothing that governments can do to stop the spread of Covid-19. What then? It is not a hypothetical question, as England is discovering….