Trudeau Threatens That Covid Tyranny Will Return This Fall If 90% Killer Booster Shot Compliance Isn’t Achieved • Do Not Comply  /  Ethan Huff (Natural News) We are just weeks away from the completion of summer, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is already threatening to reinstate more lockdowns, mask mandates, and “vaccine” requirements for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) if not enough Canadians voluntarily line up for the latest “booster” jab. In a statement he…

Thousands Of Doctors Demonstrated Yesterday In Nuremberg For Compliance With The “Nuremberg Code”.

BREAKING-NEWS.CA  /  Q Thousands of doctors demonstrated yesterday in Nuremberg for compliance with the “Nuremberg Code”. This Code requires people to consent to medical treatment voluntarily Gestern demonstrierten tausende Ärzte in Nürnberg für die Einhaltung des “Nürnberger Kodex”. Dieser Kodex verlangt, dass Menschen medizinischen Behandlungen freiwillig zustimmen und nicht aufgrund indirekten Zwangs durch 2G, 3G…

ACL Fest Fans Call BS After Festival Claims Near 100% Covid Policy Compliance .

ACL Fest attendees complained there were little to no safety checks at the event over the weekend after the festival claimed they stringently enforced Covid-19 protocols. In a tweet Saturday, stats shared by ACL claimed nearly everyone complied with regulations during its first weekend and that less than 1 percent of fans were turned away….

‘Climate Diplomacy Veterans’: G7 Leaders To Launch ‘Climate Justice’ Crisis Amid Mass COVID Vaccination Compliance

Climate change is a looming, apocalyptic crisis akin to the COVID pandemic that can only be mitigated by rich G7 countries redistributing their wealth to undeveloped nations, modeling the Chinese economy and developing a one-world government, a panel of “climate diplomacy veterans” warned ahead of the Group of Seven Nations Summit. The global economic lockdown…

John Bush on Why We Need Less Covid Compliance and More Covid Defiance

November 22, 2020 By John Bush In this video, John Bush discusses the importance of defying COVID-19 tyranny with a great big smile. He shares how he navigates mask mandates and offers advice on how to avoid conflict when going mask free in public. Become an Activist Post Patron for $1 per month at Patreon….