ZOG May Deprioritize War With Russia To Focus On War With China

It was obvious that after 4 years of the peacemonger Donald Trump, a big reason of why the Jews were in such a rush to overthrow him is that they wanted wars. Hillary Clinton had campaigned on war with Russia and others. When Biden came in, you had these 3 main enemies: Russia, China, and…

‘Correct Understanding of China’: Another Chinese Diplomat Advocates ‘Reeducation’ of Taiwan

China’s ambassador to Australia also hinted at future military aggression targeting the island nation.

China and an ESG ‘Dilemma’

Does the ‘g’ in ESG stand for genocide?

Pelosi’s China Connection

‘When I was a little girl, I was told when at the beach that if I dug a hole deep enough, we would reach China — so we’ve always felt a connection there.’

China Conducts Largest Ever Live-Fire Missile Exercise Near Taiwan after Pelosi Visit

The missiles landed in the Taiwan Strait to the island’s North, South, and East, in the first such drill since 1996.

Soft-on-China Think Tanker to Handle China Portfolio for Biden

In her past work, Jessica Lee advised the U.S. government not to criticize people with links to the CCP and to avoid strong language when talking about China.

Semiconductor Bill Leaves U.S. at Disadvantage against China

The Schumer-advanced version lends itself to fashionable left-wing causes, without doing much to counter the CCP.

While You’re Paying Through The Nose, Biden Just Sold A Million Barrels Of Oil To CHINA!

The Biden gang has sold nearly a million barrels of oil from U.S. emergency reserves to a Chinese-owned corporation with ties to Joe Biden’s scandal-ridden son Hunter. Republican lawmakers slammed the Biden administration, calling the move to sell oil reserves to China “defies all common sense” and is benefiting U.S. adversaries at the cost of…

Business Exit from China Accelerating

Leaving China makes sense for many companies and could have positive geopolitical consequences for the U.S.

How China Fails to Protect Women

A growing number of horrific incidents prove that Chinese women cannot count on government protection in the face of powerful men.

Are China and Russia as Close as They Appear?

China’s president Xi Jinping realizes assisting Russia isn’t worth the risk of jeopardizing access to the U.S. market.

Per Reports Coming Out Of China, The CCP Is Clamping Down On Those Attempting To Exit China, Travelers Have Passports Cut Forcing Them To Stay

Reports are coming out of China that travelers are being forced to stay in the country and that China is preventing individuals from leaving the country. According to reports coming out of China, the CCP is preventing people from exiting the country.  Numerous reports have been shared in social media where individuals attempting to exit…

California Man Arrested For Disrupting ‘Stop Asian Hate’ Rally And Yelling “Go Back To China!” (VIDEO)

California – A man was arrested on bias charges for disrupting a ‘Stop Asian Hate’ rally in Diamond Bar and yelling “go back to China!” at rallygoers. Steve Lee Dominguez, 56, was arrested on Thursday and charged with two counts of “bias-motivated interference with federal protected activities,” but the incident took place last year. A…

Jeff Bezos Suggests China May Gain Influence After Musk’s Twitter Purchase — Forgets His Garbage WaPo Rag Gets Paid Millions by China to Promote Its Propaganda

Jeff Bezos bought the far-left Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million. He got took. On Monday Jeff Bezos suggested that China may gain influence after Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase for $45 billion. Newsmax reported: Amazon founder and executive chairman Jeff Bezos raised the specter of possible Chinese influence Monday, after Tesla founder and SpaceX…

Exclusive: House Republicans Prepare to Fight Dems’ ‘Fake China Bill’

Jim Banks, the Republican Study Committee’s chairman, argued that the Bipartisan Innovation Act would hinder U.S. efforts to counter the Chinese Communist Party.

China Is Taking Cats For Extermination Due To COVID — Dogs Too

Disturbing video.China is taking cats from their owner for extermination. The cats are collected in bags and hauled off for extermination. This video is going viral on social media. It is not clear when it was filmed but there are numerous reports out of China killing pets, some abandoned, due to COVID. Advertisement – story…

China Claims US Destroyer Group’s Sail-Through of Taiwan Strait Was ‘Provocative’

China says that the US was ‘provocative’ when it sailed its destroyer group through the Taiwan Strait on March 17.  Reuters reports: The U.S. destroyer Ralph Johnson’s sail-through of the Taiwan Strait on March 17 was a “provocative” act by the United States and sent the wrong signals to pro-Taiwan independence forces, the Chinese military…

Five People Charged with Acting as Chinese Secret Police to Stalk, Harass, Spy on US Residents Critical of China

Five people were charged with stalking, harassing and spying on US residents on behalf of China’s secret police, the US Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of New York announced on Wednesday: Qiming Lin, 59, of the PRC, is charged with conspiracy to commit interstate harassment, as well as conspiracy and attempt to use of…

Shareholder Slams Disney over China Human Rights Hypocrisy at Annual Meeting

Mickey Mouse greets visitors at Shanghai Disney Resort as the Shanghai Disneyland theme park reopens following a shutdown due to the coronavirus outbreak in Shanghai, China, May 11, 2020. (Aly Song/Reuters) A shareholder of the Walt Disney corporation slammed the company Wednesday for its hypocrisy in advocating for domestic social justice while maintaining a strong…

US-Born Figure Skater Slammed on Chinse Social Media After Finishing Last in Olympic Debut For China

Getty Images A US-born figure skater who gave up her citizenship to compete for Communist China got relentlessly attacked on the Chinese social media platform “Weibo” after taking a hard fall and finishing last in her Olympic debut. Zhu Yi (born Beverly Zu), 19, took a couple hard falls on the ice on Sunday. “I’m…