RECALLED! Far Left DA Chesa Boudin Voted Out Of Office In Blue San Francisco

Chesa Boudin, the radical, far left DA of San Francisco has been successfully voted out of office by recall. It turns out that even the people of blue San Francisco have limits when it comes to out-of-control crime. Boudin now has the distinction of being too far left for San Francisco. That’s quite an accomplishment….

Weather Underground Terrorist And Robber Kathy Boudin, Mother Of San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin Dies At Age 78

Weather Underground terrorist Kathy Boudin died today from cancer. She was 78. Kathy is mother of Chesa Boudin, the current San Francisco District Attorney who was raised by Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn after his mother was sent to prison. The New York Times replaced their coverage of Boudin’s death with something more acceptable to…