King Charles III Officially Proclaimed U.K.’s Monarch

He delivered his first address as king on Friday, expressing ‘feelings of profound sorrow’ about the death of his mother, Elizabeth II.

King Charles III Shares ‘Profound Sorrow’ over Queen’s Death in First Speech as Monarch

King Charles was greeted by crowds of supporters as he entered Buckingham Palace, with one woman kissing him on the face.

Globalist Great Reset Will Require ‘Vast Military-Style Campaign’: Prince Charles

U.K.’s Prince Charles calls for a worldwide “fundamental economic transition” that is accomplished without the approval of sovereign nation-states, “beyond even the governments of the world leaders.” QUICK FACTS: Prince Charles of Wales delivered a speech at a United Nations (U.N.) opening ceremony for COP26 (here), a U.K.-hosted conference on climate change held in Glasgow…

Moving Past a Debt-Based Society with Charles Eisenstein

By The Conscious Resistance Derrick Broze interviews author, speaker, and activist Charles Eisenstein about his views on COVID19, impending economic calamity, and the solutions he sees. Charles will be speaking as part of The Greater Reset Activation on January 25-29, 2021. Become an Activist Post Patron for just $1 per month at Patreon.  Watch…

The Great Reset: Prince Charles And His Cyborg Grandchildren

Dr. Klaus Schwab is determined to dehumanize you and turn (y)our children into cyborgs. Now, he’s got Prince Charles with him as a partner. Speaking from their bully pulpit atop the World Economic Forum, the academic and the aristocrat are proclaiming the “Great Re: Set”, which is actually an acceleration of the not so great marriage of A.I.,…